Silhouette Shades


Key Features & Enhancements

Silhouette® Window Shadings let you enjoy filtered light and a daytime view, while maintaining your privacy.

Daytime Privacy and Soft Light Diffusion—by tilting the fabric vanes.
UV Protection—keeps furniture and flooring from fading.
Light Management Throughout the Day—with our Silhouette Halo™ Window Shadings.
Vane Sizes—2″, 3″ or 4″.
A Coordinated Look—with our Whole House Solution™ for horizontal and vertical window treatments.
Child Safety—from our products designed to keep little ones safer.

Optional Enhancements

Light Control and Room Darkening in One—with our Duolite® system or A Deux™ design.
Superior View-Through—with ClearView® sheers.

Control Options

Retractable Wand 

Gently pull on the UltraGlide Wand


Simply push up or pull down with LiteRise system

Smart Automated 

Enjoy convenient control with Powerview Automation,via an app remote or smart-home system