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Our shutters are available in premium hardwood and poly-satin compounds. The former offers an enduring, custom-crafted, classic style, the latter a solution ideal for windows exposed to high heat, humidity and other extreme climate conditions.
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Maxmar Tilia Wood Shutters

Tilia Wood Shutters are made only from the select and better grade of North American hardwood.The North american hardwood is kiln dried to optional levels for durbility and strength. Like finely crafted wood furniture, the natural beauty of Tilia Wood shutters add richness and warmth to your home.Avaliable in popular shades of white and deep, rich stains, Tilia Wood shutters will add a touch of timeless elegance.

Maxxmar San Marco Shutter Collecton

The San Marco Collection is safe and smart for your home.It is a great way to improve thermal efficiency. The San marco Collection reduces heating and air conditioning costs and at the same time reduces outside noise.Environmentally safe ( meet formaldehyde and VOC emission standards)and will not support fire or combustion.The San marco range is made from a premier grade of PolySilk compound

Maxxmar Somerset and Summerview shutters

Maxxmar's Somerset ShuttersTM and Summerview Polysilk ShuttersTM, are EnviroGreen products that are supported by independent laboratory testing to be free of formaldehyde and VOCs. Their unique manufacturing process conserves water and energy by cooling the extrusions with a system that utilizes outdoor temperatures. Also, the shutters are 100 per cent recyclable and all waste is reground and used for such products as fencing and decking. While environment-friendly, the sophisticated look of these custom made shutters has not been compromised.

Shad-O-Matic Aluminelle Shutters

Bold, bright and beautiful, Aluminelle Aluminum Shutters are clearly state-of-the-art. They draw inspiration from the modern design movement and combine clean, crisp lines with the structural strength and durability of aluminum.

Shad-O-Matic Poly-Satin Shutters

Our Poly-satin shutters offer unparalleled elegance, a choice of leading designs, and the ultimate in durability. Perfect for any room in your home, our Tropics®, Calypso® and SeaView® shutters are an especially good choice for areas of high temperature and humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and sunrooms.

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