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Windows not only determine how you look out into the world, they also set the mood for how you feel within a room. The molding, the view, the shape and the way light filters through. All of these elements are affected by the window treatment that you choose. Drapes of rich velvet or luxurious silk frame a window in softness. Breezy voile or layers of sheer organza set a more casual, airy tone.Oversized drapes pool on the floor for added drama. A sheer drape layered beneath a more substantial one adds dimension, filters light and increases privacy Functional, decorative and architectural elements all play into your choice of fabrics and finishes. Proper measurements and hardware are also essential.Our design team are at hand to help you create the look that suits your lifestyle and needs.
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Goblet Pleat Drapes

Goblet pleats have a rich,formal appearance and look wonderful with woven fabrics or jacquards. Coupled with luxurious roped tiebacks pulling curtains back from your window, the overall appearance is timeless. For a truely luxurious look you could let your curtain hems pool along the floor either side of the window by about 15cm.

Grommet Pleat Drapes

Grommet top headings are modern. They suit comtemporary rooms. Clean lines, chic spaces with plenty of light and graphic shapes. Details should be in your textures used. Light to medium weight fabrics work best and when drawn the curtains provide an almost flat, ungathered window cover. No hooks or heading tape is needed for a pierced heading. Metal grommets are placed at even intervals across the top of the fabric. The curtains are mounted onto the pole through these grommets.

Rod Pocket Drapes

Create the ambience you desire. Whether it is a classic Victorian or a crisp clean contemporary look, rod pocket drapery has the decorative elements to satisfy any design style. Offered in a wide selection of colors, fabrics and pocket options, Rod Pocket drapes are an easy solution to simply complement any decor.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a simple and classic way to adorn windows. Bamboo Roman shades are popular for a natural or Asian décor, but fabric Roman shades are more traditional. Fabric Roman shades are made from a single panel of fabric. A sting is run the length of the fabric so that when the cord is pulled, it raises the shade in regularly spaced panels. Sheer fabrics can provide easy mood lighting. They filter bright sunlight so that it is warm and soothing. Roman shades look great in children’s rooms. Pick a bright, playful colour to liven the room, but can be pulled down easily for your child to sleep. You can also have extra fabric in the panels for a billowy, playful look. Roman shades in the rest of the house, however, usually look best in a neutral color or pattern. The shade should not distract you from the rest of the room. Tailor thin, flat fabric folds for an elegant look, or use fuller “tear-drop” folds for a subtle embellishment. You can combine fabric Roman shades with another window treatment. Keep the shades in a neutral color, and surround them with more elaborate curtains. Or make Roman shades look more finished by adding a fabric-covered board at the top in the same fabric or a complement.

Smocked Heading Drapes

For the best visual effect of a smocked heading, we recommend the heading of the curtain to be stationary. Therefore the top of the curtains should be drawn together and fixed together permanently using a curtain hook in the center of the track or pole. Then each curtain can be swept back and held back with a tie back. Smocked curtain headings look very complex to achieve, and therefore many don't attempt this intricate, diamond-lace look for the top of their curtains. The smocked heading is so intricate it deserves to be the focal point of the curtain rather than any pattern detail on the fabric. The smocking shows up better when a plain fabric of medium to heavy weight is used.

Swags and Jabot's

Swags & Tails are a custom made product for the individual taste. There is a large selection of styles that can be chosen whether it be traditional, classical or modern. A vast range of fashionable fabrics are available to choose from to enhance your room with elegance and sophistication. There are a number of decorative trims such as fringes, flanges, cords, beads, piping etc to complete any swag style. Swags and tails can definitely make the ultimate statement when completing the end product. You have the versatility of sheer, translucent and total blockout. Sheer swags & tails can be draped around any decorative wooden or sleek contemporary pole.

Tab Top Drapes

Tab top curtains offer simple elegance for every room in your home. These traditional drapes hark back to the earliest days of colonial America and suit a variety of decors, from a lovingly restored seventeenth century home to a modern urban loft. Whether your preferred style is country, with a scattering of antiques, or the sleek, minimalist lines of Scandinavian design, these very popular drapes will add to your home's appeal.

Triple ( French) Pinch Pleat Drapes

The best hanging method for your triple pinch pleat heading is a decorative curtain pole or curtain track using drapery hooks. Triple (french) pleat headings are simple, yet extremely elegant curtain headings. Use a fabric of medium weight so the pleats are not too thick or bulky when made up. The groups of 3 pleats are spaced apart. They are pinched together with a simple stitch at the base and fan out at the top. The base could then be accentuated with a covered button. This is a formal, crisp heading. It works best with other soft furnishings that are tailored and exact in their appearance.

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