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The term ''smart home'' is becoming increasingly recognised not only for being an option but a realistic one. The use of home automation technology is predicted to become as common place as owning a dvd player is today.The capabilities of home automation are endless, Blinds,Drapery & Lighting can be integrated and operated remotely at the touch of a button. Our trained Consultants from ''A Shade Better"" will be happy to assist you in building your home automation system to suit your needs and lifestyle.Consultations are avaliable upon request in the comfort of your own home.We have samples of shades on display in our new Automated display room.
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Home Theatre Drapes ( Sivoia QED)

Complement your home theater with the drama and the ''wow factor'' of theatre drapes to experience movies Hollywood-style. In addition to adding a stylish touch, drapery improves the acoustical properties of a home theater. Total blackout drapes or shades on windows block daylight for optimal viewing. The drapery track system also can integrate with touch screens that control everything including lights and projector screen.Touch a single button for the full movie eperience.

Sivoia QED - Shading Solutions

The Sivoia QED® (Quiet Electronic Drive) family includes roller shades, drapery track systems, skylight shades, and Roman shades. All operate with ultra-quiet precision, low-voltage drives, and offer many options for fabrics and coThe benefits of Sivoia QED Intelligent control Sivoia QED offers programmable presets that can be recalled from an intuitive keypad. Shades move smoothly, in unison, and with exact alignment. Simplified installation This system can be reprogrammed at the point of control without any rewiring, access to the EDU, or use of a group controller. The mounting brackets allow an installer to adjust the shade's level, projection, and side-to-side position, all after the shade has already been installed. Ultra-quiet electronic drive The Sivoia QED drive operates at a near-silent level (44dBA at 3ft.) How does Sivoia QED work? Communication circuit •Addresses, programs, and reconfigures the system from any system component - the EDU mounted in the ceiling, keypad installed in the wall, or a handheld infrared remote control •Eliminates the need for external group controllers, thereby simplifying programming and future changes to the system Hall effect sensors •Measure motor position to ensure shades move in unison and in precise alignment •Digitally sets and stores limits Gear-motor Features precision helical gearing design to ensure ultra-quiet operation Protection against electrostatic discharge Provides safe, controlled discharge of potentially damaging static created by shade fabric Electronic drive circuit •Variable speed motor drive ensures silent, accurate control Microprocessor •Provides smooth, consistent shade movement •Shades align and track together •Eliminates audible starts and stops •Stores precise, user-defined preset levels at each keypad 10-year power failure memory Records motor movements to ensure that position is accurately saved even if the EDU is active when power is interrupted.

Sivoia QED Designer Roman Shades

The Sivoia QEd technology now controls designer Roman Shades, including a broad line of exquisite woven wood treatments as well as an exclusive collection of soft fabrics specially designed to complement Lutron Satin Colours lighting ccontrols and accesories. Sivoia Qed designer Roman Shades offer the same precise, quiet, elegant performance as Sivoia QED roller shades and drapery track systems.

Sivoia QED drapery track system by Lutron

The Sivoia drapery track system by Lutron electronically operates pinch pleat or ripplefold drapes providing quiet,elegant,convenient control of daylight.Simple controls and smooth transitions transform any room into a pleasing,inviting space.

Sivoia QS Roller Shades ( Lutron Shading Solutions)

Sivoia QS roller shades utilize patented Lutron quiet electronic drive technology to control shades with quiet precision and elegance. Shades start, move, and stop in unison, operating smoothly and maintaining perfect alignment with each other.minimal .75in. light gaps ensure maximum window coverage. Sivoia QS roller shades operate at a near-silent level. Control daylight without disturbing the activity in a space. SeeTouch style keypads offer simple, intuitive control of every Sivoia QS roller shade in a space.Buttons are backlit and engraved for a convenient operation.Preset buttons allow a user to instantly recall a favourite level for any time of the day.Select from a wide variety of styles,colours,and metal finishes to complement any decor. Sivoia QS provides many features to add flexability and ease at any stage of a project. Lutron QS technology provides seamless integration with other Lutron lighting control products- without interfaces.

Urban Edge UE- 650 Motorized Drapery Track

Regardless of the application or the desired window treatment, Urban Edge Shading has a motorized system that will meet your requirements. Timers,sun sensors, or attractive key pad switches for your walls that include receivingeyes for remote control operation are only a few of the many possibilities. Drapery tracks can be recessed into drywall to completely conceal the rail.

Urban Edge UE-305 motorized (110v) Roller Shade

''Power-Lift'' roller shades from Urban Edge Shading have been engineered for convenience, comfort and peace of mind.Large and/or out-of-reach shades can be operated through a simple designer wall switch, or through infrared or radio remote control.

Urban Edge UE-330 low Voltage Motorized Dual Roller Shades

One set of brackets houses both roller shades independently. Each roller shade can be operated by wall switch or remote control and the shades can be stopped at any desired position.

Urban Edge UE-450 Motorized soft shade

The most compact, electrically operated system on the market.All mechanical parts and motor are neatly hidden inside an elegant headrail box with integrated Velcro system for easy installation of shade. Avaliable with infrared remote control.

Urban Edge UE-700 Motorized Panel Glide

Elegant, effcient and aesthetically pleasing, the Urban edge Panel Glide system can be used throughout your home,as window treatment or for visually dividing two rooms. A wide selection of exclusive and very unique designer fabrics is offered with this elegant system: textiles with modern, subtle designs or plain in beautiful designer colours as well as fabrics for solar protection or room darkening. This distinctive new way of decorating will add a completely new dimension to innovative window treatment and interior design.

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